Adult Snow Day

As adults, we don’t get a lot of snow days. We’re obligated to go into work no matter what the weather, and usually, we’re not alone. When we head off to work after a winter storm, a plow has been by to clear the way, a truck has come through to salt the streets, or a path has been made through the snow by commuters who have come before us, making the morning drive slightly less dangerous.

This is not the case when you own a bakery. When you have to get up at 2:30 in the morning, either the winter weather has not yet quit, or it’s too early for plows, salt, or commuters, so you’re the one paving the way through the tricky streets. No one wants to be the only person driving on a slippery street in the middle of the night. True, you’ll be less likely to hit another car, but if you wreck yours, there’s not a lot of people out there to help you. Plus, you’ll have wrecked your car. Most of us can’t afford to lose our only source of transportation, and we sure as hell can’t afford to replace it.

An ‘ice storm’ came through last night. Or at least, that’s what all the forecasters wouldn’t shut up about. All I’ve seen around here was a dusting of snow, but man, would they have you believe to watch out for downed tree limbs, power outages, and ice build up on the streets making them impossible to drive on without sliding off the road. I should know better by now, but not wanting to risk my employees or myself on the roads in the morning, I called it and told everyone we’d be closed. I was then up half the night, peering through the windows, trying to see if the weather justified my decision, costing my employees a day’s worth of pay, and the bakery a day’s worth of profit.

That was a day lost. Bitterly cold, but sunny, and the roads were cleared in no time. I don’t know, maybe having to drive through it at three in the morning would have been pushing the boundaries of safety, or maybe everyone would have been fine. It’s too late to take it back now.

So, we got an adult snow day.

I spent mine doing chores, making kick-ass breakfast burritos, trying to shower attention on my dog, who seems to be pulling away lately, and basically practicing poor time management. This is a problem. Whenever I have a day off, I somehow manage to lose half of my day, and then my list of things I need to accomplish goes unfinished. I’m starting to think I need to set myself up with a daily schedule so that nothing is left undone. I’m better with lists and I like checking things off when I’ve completed them. I don’t know if it’s age, or that I let myself become easily distracted, or a combination of both, but I really believe a daily planner is the way to go. I’ve missed classes I truly intended to go to this week because I just ran out of time. I had to squeeze in a treadmill run before work yesterday, leaving only twenty-five minutes to shower and eat breakfast before I had to leave. I really need to get my life better organized and take training seriously because it’s only week three and I’m already behind.

As for Tony, I think the fact that every other walk has become the shortest walk ever is really starting to effect him. I know he can handle ten below freezing–he’ll be over in the lawn, rolling in the snow while my fingers are going numb–but I can only handle the cold for so long. When it’s daylight, I do my best to try and last outside as long as I can, but when it’s dark, it’s just so much colder. He seems unhappy, but maybe it’s simply a manifestation of my guilt that I don’t spend enough time with him. Like with everything else in my life, I tell myself, I will try harder tomorrow.

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