…stupid run…

In an attempt to be more efficient, I’ve got a bit of time on my hands and decided to update.

Did you know that green gummi bears are supposed to be strawberry flavored? I had no idea. I knew about the pineapple ones (the best), orange and lemon were sort of obvious, but strawberry? And the red ones are raspberry? I never would have guessed. It’s sort of ingrained that green will be apple and red will be cherry. The things you learn.

So today’s run was a near complete disaster. There are two paved run/walk/bike/whatever trails around here, one that goes around the lake, and one that runs through town. The lake one is always wonderfully maintained and I know that while there might be a couple tricky spots along the way, for the most part, it will have been cleared and ready for use. I assumed the same about the trail through town. I was wrong. The trail through town was a goddamn death trap. So much ice. And you couldn’t even run off the trail because so many people had already done that, the area around the trail was ice. Dog had a blast, because at one point, we were walking through a field, so he got to roll/skid/slide across the snow, which had been melted and frozen so many times, it was little better than ice. We persevered through three miles of this crap, mainly because I didn’t have the time to change my mind–I needed to get this done and then make it home to meet the cable guy, because we all know what happens if we miss that appointment, even if we’ve already spent the better part of the day waiting for him to show but he was running late and so he kept putting it off and putting it off and you only have so much of your life you can spend waiting around for a five minute fix. Fortunately, I made it home about ten minutes before he arrived.

I should have just gotten on the damn treadmill, but it was only just at freezing outside and the sun was attempting to shine. I knew that if I was moving, it was not going to be that bad. And it wasn’t. Had no trouble staying warm. But I don’t know if the ice was the reason or the cold air or what, but I had trouble breathing, my legs felt heavy, and it just seemed like I was struggling the whole time.

Ugh. What a day. But I’m going to make it to the yoga class in a couple hours, re-center myself (like I was ever centered to begin with), and maybe feel like I’ve accomplished something . It’s amazing how one bad run can make you feel like the whole day is a disaster.

On the other hand, at least the trail was so bad, no one else was around, because the words coming out of my mouth might have gotten me in trouble with parents, or decent people, or anyone easily offended by ‘colorful’ language (though they themselves probably have let go a swear or two after slipping on the ice for the twentieth time).

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