Yesterday when it was tomorrow was too a day for me.

So this whole winter thing is a bitch. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who go out running in negative temperatures (and perhaps maybe a small question regarding their mental stability). Once the air hits the twenties, I’m out. For one, I just don’t have the gear for it. Also, that’s bloody cold, and I prefer feeling my extremities for the rest of the day (and my life). With wind chills well below zero, I have a feeling most of this week’s training runs are going to happen on the treadmill. Only one of last week’s was on the treadmill, and not only was it the most difficult, but it was also the slowest. I’m not quite sure how that worked out. My speed was regulated. I was forced to maintain a steady pace throughout. And yet, I was more tired after that run than either of the other two, both of which took place outside and lasted longer distances. I honestly don’t mind too much running on the treadmill–I cover the screen, put something on the television, and I’m good to go. I’ve trained for a half marathon almost entirely on the treadmill before (both our summers and winters are brutal here–can’t win). I’m just not sure why all of a sudden, it’s harder. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I’ve forced myself to sit down and write tonight. I kept meaning to, but I’m not very good at this time management thing, and it became more important to try and go to sleep than spend half an hour writing in my blog. I’m a night owl, which doesn’t help. I really start picking up steam when it’s time to go to bed, and so I find a myriad of ways to procrastinate before yelling at myself to turn off the lights and go to bed. This is a huge problem. I don’t get enough sleep, which makes me tired throughout the day, so that by the time I get off work, I really don’t feel like doing anything. There’s another group of people I admire–those who go to the gym after work. I suppose if I did go, I’d feel more energetic since I’d get my blood pumping and my adrenaline flowing, and then I might be tired enough at night to prioritize my evening schedule so I can get some regular sleep. It’s all just a matter of actually finding the gumption to put my foot out the door.

This is obviously going to be a regularly occurring theme for me, knowing I need to move, but not actually finding the energy to do so. Incorporating cross-training into my routine is actually this week’s goal in my training journal. I do feel glad I’m able to maintain my marathon training–sure, it’s only been a week, but I haven’t missed a run yet. I’ve still got six days to add in some classes (journal starts on Monday), so there’s still hope. I just have to not let myself be distracted by other things and get my foot out the door.

The title of this segment, in case you were wondering, is quoting Winnie the Pooh from the movie Christopher Robin, which is why it sounds a bit discombobulated. If you’re in need a bit of heart-wrenching nostalgia, this is the movie for you. And while Pooh may believe that doing nothing can lead to the best kind of something, well, he’s not trying to run a marathon. Silly old bear.

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