In the beginning…

Yesterday, I began my plan to be marathon ready by July. I’m not actually going to run in one, I just want to be capable of running in one so that in July, I can start on training for Dopey. Between my confidence journal and my training journal, I’ve been able to fully establish what my goals are for the year. Marathon ready by July, Dopey training beginning in July, two half marathons at two different points to establish where I’m at in my training and what I need to focus on, and hopefully along the way, establish better nutrition and sleeping habits, as well as a cross training routine that will help build up my core, shoulder, and hip strength. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? And I’ve got a whole year to do it. Mostly. January is almost over, after all.

The hip strength is going to be key as I go along. A couple years back, I tore my hamstring doing single leg deadlifts. There was a sharp pain, the sensation of a spring vibrating up the back of my leg, and that was that. Only, I didn’t understand what had happened at the time. It wasn’t until I sucked it up and went to see a physical therapist seven months later that I learned I had actually torn it. There was a lot of scar tissue built up, and because I’d ignored the problem for so long (big lesson learned there), my body is totally out of whack from having to compensate for my injury. I now have hip problems that I didn’t used to and my hamstring can start to ache where it attaches to my hip. I’m hoping that extra classes on my non-running days will help with this. Core, barre, yoga, strength training, anything that can strengthen my muscles to help support my legs and body.

All talk at the moment, right? Instead of going to a class today, I went and saw Aquaman and then took the dog for a walk. Admittedly, it was 3.26 miles through the snow and ice, so we’re not talking a quick walk around the block, but it wasn’t exactly the kind of activity I need to start incorporating into my routine. Okay, that’s not true. What I really should have done was skipped the movie, gone to a class AND taken the dog for a walk. My priorities aren’t exactly in line yet, but that’s something to work on. Not that I have anything against going out, relaxing, having fun, watching Jason Momoa do his thing on the big screen, but it didn’t even occur to me I should have taken a peek at the class schedule until just now. That’s the kind of thing I need to start thinking about as part of my routine. It’s hard for me to think of classes at the gym as potentially fun. They’re a chore, work, something to find ways to get out of. If I give them a chance, maybe I will actually enjoy them and start seeing them as something to look forward to.

Same with running.

The first thing I usually hear when someone mentions running is, “I hate running”. And for some people, that may actually be true. Personally, I don’t hate running. I hate the effort that I have to put into running. I know it will get easier the more I run, it’s just getting out there and doing it. That always seems to be the hardest thing.

I obviously don’t have a point tonight. I missed out writing last night because I was too busy obsessing over the storm and whether or not we should close today and if it would be safe for everyone to go into work. Today, I just can’t seem to focus. Too many things to worry about. Too many thoughts in my head. Beginning to sound too much like a self-help book. Funny thing is, most of this is just stuff I’m figuring out as I go along. Writing it down does help to make me think a little deeper about my motivations, my issues, my goals, and hopefully I’ll be able to find ways to untangle them and set them on a better path.

But most likely, I might read this over next week or next month and think, oh crap, I forgot I was going to do that. That’s usually the way it goes.

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